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DMB Sialic Acid Labeling Kit

The LudgerTag DMB Labeling Kit has been developed for the qualitative analysis of sialic acids. The kit includes all the reagents to release sialic acids from your glycoprotein and label these with DMB.

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Part Number: LT-KDMB-A1


The kit contains two sets of the labeling reagents and a sialic acid reference panel:
– Sialic Acid Reference Panel
– DMB Dye (1,2-diamino-4,5-methylenedioxybenzene.2HCl)
– Acetic Acid
– Mercaptoethanol in Acetic acid
– Sodium Dithionite (Reductant)

The LudgerTag DMB kit (Cat No. LT-KDMB-A1) provides all that is required to release sialic acids from glycoproteins and label them with DMB. The kit contains reagents and materials for up to 22 glycoprotein samples (50-100 µg of glycoprotein per sample). Each labeling should work with approximately 10 pmol up to 2.5 nmol sialic acids per sample.

Included in the kit are a sialic acid reference panel (containing Neu5Ac, Neu5Gc, Neu5,7Ac2, Neu5,Gc9Ac, Neu5, 9Ac2 and Neu 5,7, (8), 9Ac3Gc) and both NeuAc and NeuGc quantitative standards. These three standards can be labelled with DMB alongside the released sialic acid samples. Preparation of serial dilutions of the NeuAc and NeuGc quantitative standards enables quantitative analysis. Information on how to do this is explained in the LudgerTag DMB kit guide. The NeuAc and NeuGc quantitative standards are also available to purchase separately if required.

For a positive control, we recommend using fetuin glycoprotein which contains both NeuAc and NeuGc sialic acids. Water can be used as a negative control.

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