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Fetuin 4 x 50µg

Fetuin glycoprotein standard supplied as 4 vials of 50 µg each

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Part Number: GCP-FET-50U-X4


DescriptionA glycoprotein standard for use during glycan release and labeling.

SourceThis product is purified from fetal calf serum. Fetuin is a glycoprotein present in the circulation which is synthesized by hepatocytes. Fetuin exists in a variety of glycoforms containing bi-, tri-, and tetra-antennary oligosaccharides with variable sialylation.

Form Dry. Lyophilised powder.

Molecular Weight 36 kDa (protein weight only)

Amount 30 μg protein (In comparison to BSA standard, determined by BCA assay. Value rounded to nearest μg)

Storage Refrigerate (-20°C) both before and after dissolving. This product is stable for at least 5 years as supplied.

Shipping The product is shipped at ambient temperature.

Handling Once dissolved avoid repeated thawing and refreezing, storage over 3 h at room temperature or above, exposure to light and long term exposure to acid as these will cause glycan desialylation.

Safety This product is non-hazardous and has been purified from natural sources certified to be free of all hazardous material including pathogenic biological agents.

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